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Create and Edit settings in a single schedule or in a grid across multiple schedules.

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1. This tutorial reviews Schedule Settings and how to edit these settings across multiple Schedules.

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2. To start, click Competitions.

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3. Click the magnifying glass next to the Competition.

For this example, we will edit the Schedule settings for the Wolves competition.

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4. Schedule settings can be done for one schedule at a time or for multiple schedules within a grid.

Let's explore the Schedule settings within a single schedule first.

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5. For this example, we will edit the settings for the U10 Schedule.

Click on the magnifying glass.

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6. Click Edit Schedule

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7. The Competition and Schedule Name will pre-populate.

Leave Type blank.

Choose the Year of this Schedule from the dropdown list.

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8. Click Auto Decline X days after release.

This setting auto-declines the match if the official does not respond within a certain number of days after the assignment is released to them.

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9. For this example, we will choose 3 days.

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10. Click Auto Decline X days before the match.

This setting auto-declines the match if the official does not respond by a certain number of days before the match takes place.

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11. There is a 24-hour grace period for new assignments that are released within the auto-decline time period before the match.

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12. For this example, we will choose 2 days before the match for the auto-decline to occur.

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13. The next setting refers to resetting accepted assignments back to assigned status when the Date, Time, or Site is modified.

Other match details changes such as Field result in a notification to the official, but will not reset the assignment status.

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14. The default for this setting is on.

Step 14 image

15. If you do not want the assignment status to change from accepted to assigned when the Date, Time, or Site are modified, move the toggle to the left to turn it off.

Step 15 image

16. This setting allows you to make the matches within this schedule available for the Officials to request from their app.

Step 16 image

17. It does not assign them to the match or any specific role, it only indicates they are interested in working the match. The Assigning Workspace has a setting to include the officials who made these requests.

Step 17 image

18. Move the toggle to the right if you want to make these matches available for officials to request.

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19. For this example, we will leave this setting off.

Add any additional notes regarding this schedule. These notes are not seen by the officials.

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20. The next setting adds a Blockout to officials who decline an assigned match that belongs to this schedule. The default is to not add a blockout.

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21. Click When Official Declines, add Blockout if you want to add a blockout for a certain amount of time when an official declines a match from this schedule.

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22. Choose the amount of time the blockout should be for. In the future, one of the options will be for the Total Match Time that is entered in a subsequent setting.

For this example, we will set the blockout to last 1 hour.

Step 22 image

23. Set the number of periods for matches in this schedule. A match with two halves will have two periods. A match with four quarters will have four periods.

Click Periods.

Step 23 image

24. For this example, the matches have periods.

Step 24 image

25. Type in the Period Length (minutes). In this example, each period, or half, is 25 minutes in length.

Step 25 image

26. Click Match Total Time (minutes) to enter the total match time, including half-time.

Step 26 image

27. The Match Total Time is used to prevent officials from being double-booked.

If these items are left blank, the system will default to 90 minutes of Match Total Time.

Step 27 image

28. Club can be left blank.

If your Competition and/or Schedule is organized by week, you can set the Week 1 start date here. The default is the first match date within this schedule. This date can be coordinated with other Schedules in the Competition.

Step 28 image

29. Click Save when finished.

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30. Click Cancel to return to the Competition page.

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31. Now that we are familiar with each Schedule setting, let's look at using a more efficient method to create or edit these settings for multiple schedules at once.

Click Schedule Settings.

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32. A grid is displayed that shows all the Schedules in this Competition. Note the settings we previously created for the U10 schedule are here. You can use this grid from the outset to create or edit the settings.

Click Edit to edit the grid.

Step 32 image

33. Click inside the cell to edit it.

Step 33 image

34. Settings with dropdowns will show the dropdown here. Settings with free text are free text here.

We are in the U15 Schedule row. The first setting is Auto-Decline after Release.

Step 34 image

35. Choose the number of days for this setting in the U15 schedule.

Step 35 image

36. The next setting is Auto Decline before the match.

You can adjust the column widths if needed by dragging the edges inside the column headers.

Step 36 image

37. Click 2 days

Step 37 image

38. We will leave the defaults for these next settings in this example, but they can be changed if you wish.

Step 38 image

39. The next setting is if declined, add blockout.

Step 39 image

40. Since the U15 matches are longer than the U10 matches, we will choose 90 minutes.

Step 40 image

41. The next setting is the number of Match Periods, which is 2.

Step 41 image

42. Type in the Match Period Length for this U15 schedule. In this example, each half is 40 minutes in length.

Step 42 image

43. Enter the Match Total Time in minutes. For the U15 schedule, we will include a 10 minute halftime interval to the 40-minutes halves, so the total match time is 90 minutes.

Step 43 image

44. Repeat these steps for the U18 schedule.

Step 44 image

45. Click 3 days

Step 45 image

46. Click 2 days

Step 46 image

47. Click 2 hours

Step 47 image

48. Click 2

Step 48 image

49. Type 45

Step 49 image

50. Type in 100 for Match Total Time for two 45-minute halves plus 10 minutes for halftime.

Step 50 image

51. Click Save when finished.

Step 51 image

52. Click Cancel to return to the Competition page.

Step 52 image

53. Your Schedule Settings are now complete.

Thank you for watching the Tutorial on Schedule Settings.

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Here's an interactive tutorial

** Best experienced in Full Screen (click the icon in the top right corner before you begin) **

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