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Welcome Ref Insight Officials,

This Ref Insight Officials Primer will help you get onboarded and set your availability as matches get started and assignments are released to you.  See below for answers to your Frequently Asked Questions.

Activate your account

Some Ref Insight accounts have added referees who were licensed in 2023 and 2024, while others have only added referees who have certified or recertified for 2024 to their respective accounts.

All referees who have been added to a Ref Insight account have received an invitation to activate their account to the email address that is in the US Soccer Learning Center.  

The first step for you is activating your account.  

If you cannot find the invitation email that was sent to your inbox, check your junk or spam folders.  The invitation will come from the address  Guidance on how to add an email address to a safe sender list for your email client can be found here.

If you still cannot find your invitation, here is how you can retrieve it:

  1. Go the Ref Insight Officials Portal login page (, and click on the Activate my Account button.  
  2. Enter your Last Name and Email Address and click the Search button.   If you have been sent an invitation but not activated your account, you can get a new activation link sent to your email address.  Ref Insight uses the same email address that you use in the US Soccer Learning Center to send the initial invitation.  

See the Account Activation Tutorials in our helpdesk for step-by-step instructions.


Login to your Account

Go the Ref Insight Officials Portal login page (, enter your email address used to activate your account and your password.  Click Sign In.

See the Login to the Ref Insight Officials Portal tutorial in our helpdesk for step-by-step instructions.



Ref Insight App

You can receive push notifications, manage your availability, accept/decline your matches, and more through the Ref Insight App.  Officials can download the App from the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android).

See the Download/Install the Ref Insight App article in our helpdesk for additional information


Availability and Blockouts

Ref Insight currently assumes you are available to referee unless you indicate you are blocked out.  Every referee needs to login into the Ref Insight App or the Ref Insight Officials Portal on your browser and block out the dates and times you are NOT available to referee.  This would include school and work times, or when you are on vacation.  You can set up your blockouts in bulk for school or work schedules, for a range of dates, or specific dates, with options for all-day or partial-day blocks.

Currently you can only create blockouts that go across the entire Ref Insight platform.  Soon, you will be able to declare availability that will allow for more nuances such as being available within a certain distance from home, available for specific locations, or available for specific competitions or events, such as tournaments.

Please see the Availability and Blockouts tutorials and support articles in our helpdesk for guidance and step-by-step instructions.

The recommendation is to update your availability each week or whenever your availability changes.


Accept or Decline Matches and Other Actions

Referees receive emails and push notifications in the Ref Insight App when an assignment is received.  To accept or decline your matches or take other actions such as getting directions to the site, contacting your assignor, or contacting your crew, see the Accepting/Declining Matches and Other Actions tutorial in our helpdesk.

Help the assignors help you by keeping your blockouts up to date and responding to assignments in a timely fashion.


Payment Account Setup

Payment methods for referee assignments vary by club, league, competition, and tournament.  Some pay cash at the field, others pay by check, Venmo, or various electronic payment systems.  Others use Ref Insight Pay to pay referees electronically.

Ref Insight has partnered with Stripe to pay referees electronically for those clubs, leagues, competitions, and tournaments that have chosen to use this payment solution.  Again, not all clubs, leagues, competitions, or tournaments pay referees electronically or use Ref Insight Pay to pay referees.

When Ref Insight Pay is used, the payments you receive for matches you work will be deposited into a Stripe account registered under your email address.  This Stripe account will allow you to check your balance and transfer the funds to your bank account when you wish.

See the Create your Stripe Account to receive payments tutorial in our helpdesk for guidance and step-by-step instructions.

If you are a minor between the ages of 13-17, please see the related article regarding creating a Stripe account for minors (13-17 years of age).  Note this article was updated on March 6, 2024.

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