Accepting/Declining Matches and Other Actions

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1. When a new assignment is released to you, a notification is sent by email and with a push notification to the Ref Insight app. You can click on the link within the notification to view details and accept or decline assignments.

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2. The link will take you to the Assignments area directly. The Assignments item in the menu will show your Pending Assignments, meaning you must either accept or decline the assignment.

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3. If you only need the basic information before deciding whether to accept or decline the match, Click No Details.

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4. If you want to see additional details to help you decide whether to accept or decline the match, Click View Details.

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5. If you have multiple pending assignments, you can accept some or all of them from here. Click inside the checkbox to select the assignments you want to accept. In this example, we will only select the first pending assignment.

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6. Once you have selected the assignments you want to accept, click Accept Selected Assignments at the bottom.

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7. To decline an assignment, click the Other Actions icon next to the assignment you want to decline.

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8. Scroll down the page and click the Decline button.

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9. Enter your Decline Reason in the free text box.

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10. Click the Decline Assignment button.

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11. Click Cancel to return to the Assignments page.

Declined assignments are removed from your pending list and will not appear in Assignment History.

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12. The Other Actions page has features you may find helpful, such as viewing the Site details and getting directions, Contacting your Assignor, or Contacting your Crew. Let's look at these features now.

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13. From the Assignments page, click the Other Actions button next to the assignment of interest.
Note that an assignment may contain a single match or multiple matches that your assignor wants you to accept or decline as a group.

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14. To View more details about the Site and get Directions, click on Site Details.

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15. Click Get directions to this location on Google Maps if you need directions to the Site.

Note that Directions are not available within the Ref Insight app, however you can note the address and use it in other navigation tools.

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16. If you are using Ref Insight on a web browser, you can get directions to the site. A new tab will open in Google Maps. Type in your starting point, or click on the map... to get directions to the site.

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17. Click the Cancel button to return to the Other Actions page.

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18. You can send a message to your Assignor if you wish. Click Contact Assignor to open the messaging area.

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19. Add a Subject to your Message.

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20. Type in your message and click the Send Message button.

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21. Confirm your message is ready to be sent by clicking the Send Message button. If you want to edit your message, click Cancel.

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22. A green banner will display at the top right of the page to confirm your message was sent. Click the Cancel button to return to the Other Actions page.

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23. Communicating with your crew is important for coordination and helps minimize errors or misunderstandings. Click the Contact Crew button to send a message to your crew. You can also include the Assignors in this crew communication if you wish.

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24. Members of your Crew in Assigned or Accepted status are visible. Contact information is visible for those who are 18 years of age and above.

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25. Contact information for Crew members less than 18 years old is not visible, but the official is included in your message. Your message is also automatically sent to the Parent/Guardian email address on file, in compliance with SafeSport policy.

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26. Add a Subject to your Crew message.

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27. Add your message in the free text box.

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28. Assignors often work in teams to assign matches, so a referee crew may have one or more assignors associated with these assignments. If you want to include the assignors on this message, move the Include Assignors toggle to the right.

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29. Click Send Message when finished.

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30. If you need to edit your message, Click the Cancel button.

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31. Confirm you are ready to send your message to the crew by clicking the Send Message button.

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32. A green banner at the top of the page confirms your message was sent. Click the Cancel button to return to the Other Actions page.

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33. As you provide responses to your assignments, the Pending button will show how many pending assignments you have and display any that remain. In this example, we have no other pending assignments, so this area is empty.

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34. To see your Accepted assignments, click the Accepted button. It will show how many accepted matches you have in the future and display them.

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35. To see the matches you have today, click the Today button. It will show how many accepted matches you have today and display them.
Set your Time Zone in your profile in order for matches to display here correctly.

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36. Assignments in the past are visible by clicking on the History button.

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37. Past assignments are visible here.

This tutorial showed you how to Accept and Decline Assignments and other useful features like getting directions to a site, contacting your assignors, and contacting your crew. That's it. You're done!

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Here's an interactive tutorial

** Best experienced in Full Screen (click the icon in the top right corner before you begin) **

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